From essential to superfluous: Nintendo’s current lineup is irrational and wasteful

Regarding Gruber’s and Siracusa’s Nintendo disagreement, I’m siding with Gruber.
Nintendo has moved from making essential hardware to superfluous hardware. Back in the NES/SNES/GameBoy/DS days, they had to make the gear because people otherwise wouldn’t have stuff to run games on (1). But now, customers already have the neccessary screens and processors. All we lack, if anything, is d-pads.
So Nintendo’s customers are asked to do something entirely new, which is to duplicate their gear, oftentimes downgrading to inferior components. This is both true for handheld (DS vs. iPhone) and console (Wii U vs. iPad/Apple TV). The duplication, from the customer perspective, is irrational and wasteful. As if Disney asked families to buy special TVs to watch their shows on.
I would like mr. Cook to give Nintendo one hell of a deal.
If he doesn’t, they should start making phones.
Footnote 1: Also true for the 1st gen Wii due to the Remote’s nature

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