$923: The price to play Mario on the Wii U in Norway

Want to play New Super Mario Bros. with your kids on Nintendo’s latest console? In Norway, that’s going to cost you 923 US Dollars.

The price of Mario

In Norway, multiplayer Mario costs nearly a thousand premium Angry Bird games.

Nintendo desires to have complete control over all Wii U hardware, peripherals included. Paired with unnecessary incompatibilities between the controllers and the console’s premium software title, this has made the cost for consumers balloon completely out of control.

The breakdown
Prices from Spaceworld.no.
1 USD equals 5.72 Norwegian Krone (conversion rate: Google)

  • Nintendo Wii U Premium Pack $576 (the Premium Pack is required because the Sensor Bar is mandatory for multiplayer mode)
  • New Super Mario Bros: $86.
  • 3 x Remote Plus for Wii U: $261 ($87 a piece).
  • That’s if I want to play with my two kids. Inviting a fourth player will bring the sum total to $1010.
  • Controller incompatibilities: For New Super Mario Bros., the Wii U Pro Controller is not supported, although it has all the necessary buttons. Even worse, the Game Pad does not support control of characters in multiplayer mode.

So, for the price of Mario, you can give away the paid version of Angry Birds for iPhone or Android to slightly less than a thousand of your closest friends.

It’s time for Nintendo to at least allow people to use their smartphones as control devices.


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