For Telenor customers, browsing is up to 5 x more expensive with Opera Mini

Telenor data traffic prices for private subscriptions:

  • Browsing with built in web browser:
    Max NOK 10/day
  • Browsing with Opera Mini, the mobile Gmail client and other J2ME browsers and applications:
    Max NOK 50/day

Yes, it’s true! For Telenor customers, browsing is up to five times more expensive if they choose Opera Mini rather than the built in mobile browser.

How can this be? Well, check out their pricing page (in Norwegian). It says that for normal WAP traffic, the maximum price per day is 10 kroner (your currency may vary). But if you use a Java client, e.g. Opera Mini, the pricing scheme is entirely different, bringing the daily rate up to 50 kroner. That’s 5 times as much!

I have been in touch with Telenor over the issue. They confirm that I have understood this correctly. I have not learned in detail how they manage separate this traffic, but it’s got something to do with a proxy setting on the handset.


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